CloudCRM can be customized to support your business needs, save time and increase productivity. Simple and effective without unused functionalities.

Tired of having all your activities scattered around?


Do you want to have all of your applications in one place? We provide cloudCRM to fulfil all your needs.


Over the years ITAF has collaborated with different types of companies from various sectors and as such, have build up a know-how which we have used into practice to create user friendly applications using best practise principles with enough room for business dependent processes.

This is why we can implement, next to sector dependent requirements, custom applications for our customers.


What is cloudCRM?


CloudCRM (customer relationship management) is a program which helps you manage current and potential customers. It helps you keep track of the sales process easier with all the necessary parts in one place. CloudCRM offers a wide variety of applications such as managing contacts, keeping tracks of your activities, handles the visibility of your whole sales process, etc. It is accessible for the whole team.

With a CRM system, your business has one place to store every customer, every lead, every service request, all of their contact info, preferences, and history so your conversations are always personal, relevant, and up-to-date.

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